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Plastic Wick 510 Tank

Plastic Wick 510 Tank
Plastic Wick 510 Tank
Carrying Tube
The Kind Pen Plastic Wick 510 Tank

Plastic Wick 510 Tank




Plastic Wick 510 Tank

Do you have a vaporizer from The Kind Pen? If so, you’ll need a groundbreaking cartridge to deliver your product. Use your oils and concentrates in this plastic wick cartridge. You can also attach this universal 510 Tank onto almost any compatible 510 threaded battery.


The Plastic Wick 510 Cartridge works with concentrate and e-liquid. The simplistic design is perfect for beginners and is a great option for experienced users who want a simple vape pen on-hand. 

All you have to do is attach the cartridge to the pen. The 510 thread can fit onto any Kind Pen vape pen with ease. From here, inhale from the mouthpiece. You can also easily switch this cartridge for a new one by unscrewing the cartridge from the pen. If you like variety and control, having a collection of these around is perfect to switch out different potencies and aromatic profiles.


The Plastic Wick 510 Tank is a clear tank with a black mouthpiece. The cartridge looks slick and discreet, so you’re able to enjoy your vape pen wherever you are.

While the cartridge and pens are discreet, that doesn’t minimize their power. The cartridge is high-quality, resulting in the best vaping experience. Made of the best quality stainless steel and durable plastic, this affordable 510 Tank is ready for all viscosities of oil!

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At the The Kind Pen they seek to produce affordable and health-conscious vape pens. With this cartridge the tank utilizes a plastic wick cartridge to vaporize your concentrates. So if you're looking for a quality session on the go, the Plastic Wick 510 Cartridge is a solid addition to your travel collection.

If you would like any assistance or need help with multi-material products like this Plastic Wick 510 Cartridge by Kind; simply reach out to our devoted team of experts at CannMart who are happy to help through email, phone or chat.

Plastic Wick 510 Tank



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