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What Is A Grinder and How To Use It


What Is A Grinder and How To Use It

How is the perfect joint produced? Rolling the ideal joint requires using quality rolling paper, being skilled at rolling, and of course, adequately ground dried cannabis flowers. Grinders are essential to convenient cannabis use and help users properly reduce the size of cannabis buds to much more appropriate particle sizes, which can be rolled into joints or put into vaporizers. 

A grinder is a mechanical or electronic device created to reduce cannabis buds into smaller, more convenient particles. There are several types of grinders, and based on personal preference and cost, there is one to suit every cannabis user. 

The essence or importance of proper grinding of cannabis flower buds lies in increasing surface area with particle size reduction. With the increase of the surface area of cannabis buds, joints burn more evenly, slower and release more of the active principles.

Pros of getting a cannabis grinder

  • Faster grind: Using a dedicated grinder is a whole lot easier than using odd objects or your palms to grind your dried herbs. The faster you grind, the sooner you will be able to roll up your joints. 
  • Better looking joint: Grinders help you achieve a more proportionate blend of dried cannabis particles. If your cannabis bud isn’t properly ground, your joint may end up lumpy or, in the worst scenario, break up on its own.
  • Slower burn and more release: With smaller particles to burn, the lit blunt's heat goes through each piece slowly while increasing the intake of more of the active principles (THC, CBD, other cannabinoids) with each puff. Large clumps of ground cannabis buds burn faster and less efficiently. Essentially, when you smoke improperly ground cannabis, you are wasting a certain portion of it. 
  • Types of cannabis grinders

    There are several types of grinders ranging from metallic to non-metallic, electronic to mechanical, special features like kief/pollen catchers to even electronic grinders. When selecting the right grinder for you, a lot of things have to be put into consideration. Quality plastic grinders offer a cheaper option for those on a budget, while steel and high-quality metal grinders are a more durable offering, although much more expensive. Some grinders also come with unique components like led lights, pollen screens, kief catchers, and storage compartments. These additional modifications to certain grinders are intended for convenience and could also help in deciding on which grinder to buy a whole lot easier. Listed below are a few cannabis grinders and how they work.

    Cannabis grinder cards

    These are the most primitive out of the entire list of grinders, but they are still highly effective. Cannabis grinder cards are simply sheets of metal with perforations that work like regular graters in grinding your cannabis. All you need to do is hold up your bud against the holes, move it from side to side in a rubbing motion while the bud is sliced up and passed through the other end of the grinder card. Grinder cards are relatively cheap, light, and convenient to carry about. They are about the size of an ATM card. The major con with grinder cards is the lack of a collection or storage compartments. Some come with storage compartments but not to worry, if yours doesn’t, you can always improvise with something else. 

    Two-part grinders

    Two-part grinders are a bit more complex in build compared to grinder cards. They feature two parts that come together to grind the cannabis put into the device. This device is built like two caps on each other with teeth strategically placed to closely grind anything put into the machine by friction and sheering force when it is turned. Two-part grinders can be made of various materials, mostly plastic, metals, and even wood. But metallic two-part grinders are more durable and last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

    Three-part grinders

    These grinders contain three parts, the top grinder, the bottom grinder, and the storage compartment. This grinder's teeth are similarly built like those of the two-part grinder but with the addition of tiny holes on the bottom grinder, which allow finely ground cannabis particles to pass right into the storage compartment. Three-part grinders are pretty rare and usually made out of metal. The added storage compartment feature is a notable advantage over the two-part grinder variant. This means you can grind cannabis and stash it away in the grinder for use later on.

    Four-part grinders

    These are the most elite option out of the mechanical grinder setup. They consist of four parts; the top grinder, the bottom grinder, the pollen screen, and the storage compartment. The grinding mechanism of the four-part grinder is similar to that of the two and three-part models. The significant difference is the pollen screen presence that helps separate and stores kiefs at the bottom storage compartment. 

    Kiefs, also known as cannabis crystals, are the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant. They contain higher THC than most plants and are usually found as pollen stuck to cannabis containers. The added advantage of the kief collection with four-part grinders makes it a good choice for users who want to maximize their cannabis use and waste no part of the bud. Kiefs can be added to joint rolls to elicit an intense high or used to make edibles. 

    Electronic grinders

    Electronic grinders are also very rare and not often used. This is based on the fact that electronic grinders sometimes grind cannabis into particles that are too fine for optimal smoking. Electric grinders are suited to people who have serious difficulty grinding on their own, for example, arthritic patients. 


    There are several other grinder variations in the market today, based on the mode of operation and build. Certain things to consider when getting a grinder include; cost, build material, overall structure e.t.c. Whatever grinder you choose to go with, always remember that grinders are essential to the overall joint preparation process and should be seen as a good investment.

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