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What Are CBD Topicals and How Do I Use Them?
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What Are CBD Topicals and How Do I Use Them?

What are CBD topicals, and how do I use them 

CBD is used for a variety of reasons and, as a topical agent, provides several benefits. Topical agents are applied to a particular place on or in the body. Topical administration usually involves the application to body surfaces such as skin and mucous membranes.

CBD  topicals are products infused with CBD extracts that are applied to the skin, hair, and nails for various reasons. The CBD extracts found in topical products do not enter the bloodstream, and their effects are local when used and restricted to the area of application. Also, an ideal CBD product should contain less than 0.3% THC in the full spectrum form and should be produced from high-quality, US-grown hemp. There are several types of CBD topicals you can use based on several metrics, including the properties of the product and the general mode of application. Ultimately your choice is brought down to preference. Here are a few CBD topicals and how they are used ideally;

Different types of CBD topicals

CBD lotions 

These are high in water, low viscosity products used for application to the skin. Lotions are generally used to keep the body hydrated and moisturized while containing various active ingredients to help out with this process. CBD lotions are infused with higher quality CBD and provide a convenient way for users to enjoy topical CBD use. Depending on if a particular lotion contains CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD, users may experience the skin benefits of CBD alone or with several other cannabinoids added to the lotion mix. Lotions are easy to apply and can be used generously. You put the desired amount of lotion to be applied into your palms, rub it gently to heat it then apply it to the desired area in a circular motion to get it in thoroughly. Avoid getting lotions into your mouth or eyes and do not use them on wounds, cuts, or irritated skin. 

CBD Salves and ointments

Salves are generally medical ointments used to soothe the surface of the body. Ointments are topical preparations usually applied to the skin which present with an oily/greasy consistency. Salves are essentially ointments and can be used precisely the same way. CBD salves are used by rubbing a desired amount of the product into the skin with friction on extra dry areas like hands, knees and elbows. They are usually oily, and this should be put into consideration when opting for them as a CBD topical choice.

CBD Oils

CBD oils come in several varieties, but it is essential to opt for only CBD oils produced from premium US-grown hemp. The various forms that CBD oils are produced include; isolate (containing CBD), broad-spectrum (CBD as well as other cannabinoids but no THC), full-spectrum (CBD, THC as well as other cannabinoids). When using CBD oils, it may be beneficial to dilute them with other carrier oils to bulk up the volume for application. It’s essential you use CBD oils designed for topical use because the oral variant, when applied externally, may not provide the full benefits needed.  This is because they are formulated for oral use and not external usage specifically.

CBD sprays

CBD topical sprays are designed to deliver a certain amount of CBD in an aerosol form to the desired topical area. They can be used like any other body spray, but you may have a harder time finding them because they are not quite as common as other CBD products. Spray the product to the desired area of the skin but do this with caution to avoid getting it into your eyes or mouth.  The main benefit of sprays is ease of use -- you don’t have to rub a product and get it all over your hands, and can be easily tossed in a bag for travel.

CBD Bath bombs

After a stressful day at work, an uneventful day at home, or a long day at school, what better way to cap your day off than a relaxing dip in a CBD-infused bath. Bath bombs are a closely packed mixture of several ingredients which dissolve in water through effervescence to disperse its ingredients. Bath bombs are usually scented and contain moisturizers, essential oils, and an active ingredient; in this case, CBD. All you have to do is get a CBD bath bomb you like, open it up and drop it into your bath water at your desired temperature, then watch it dissolve. CBD bath bomb users may experience a general feeling of wellness or relaxation when using this product. The recommended soak time is 30 minutes, but you can constantly adjust your bath needs to suit your preference.

CBD Transdermal patches

Transdermal patches are built differently from every other product on this list. They are made with one thing in mind, the delivery of an active principle into the general circulation through the transdermal route of administration. The substance, in this case, is CBD, which could be in the isolate or full-spectrum form depending on the particular product. Transdermal patches offer a continual release of the product and are small and easy to use!

Don't forget to consult your healthcare provider!

There are several things to consider when trying to pick the right CBD topical product, which ranges from the exact type of product you are buying, what you intend to use it for, and of course, cost. You should always make sure you read the labels or table of contents of topical products you buy. Check through the ingredients for common allergens and also try to perform a patch test to be sure the product is compatible with your skin or where it is being applied. Patch tests can detect delayed allergic reactions and help prevent generalized product-induced contact dermatitis or allergic reactions. CBD topicals are safe to use and have the potential to improve general wellness when used appropriately. When in doubt about using CBD products, please use the assigned product guide or contact your healthcare provider.

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