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What Are CBD Topicals and How Do They Work?


What Are CBD Topicals and How Do They Work?

CBD is the new big name in holistic health management, you can find CBD infused into all sorts of products from edibles such as gummies, chocolates or cakes to Vape products. CBD also comes in the form of topical ointments or creams. These are a great alternative for people with very specific body pain or people that don't want to ingest CBD. So how are these topical CBD creams made and how are they used in fact are they any good at all? Let's take a look at the hidden world of CBD topical creams and learn what makes them so popular.  

Topical CBD is any CBD product that is applied on top of your skin, these types of products include moisturizers, creams, ointments and oils. These are made by first extracting the CBD from the hemp flower using one of many extraction processes, this will leave at the end of the process a highly concentrated CBD residue. This CBD concentrate can then be added into any number of moisturizers and creams to deliver the CBD directly to the location where it is needed on the skin or even deeper into the muscle level. This is one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to administer CBD to yourself or to others without the need to smoke or ingest the CBD.

Topical CBD is very easy to apply, much like your average household moisturizer cream you want to apply a small amount to your palm and rub it into the area that is affected. CBD creams come in a variety of strengths, before applying your cream you need to figure out the percentage of CBD that is in your product. CBD requires a certain level to be present in your system in order to be effective, when you're first starting to use CBD topical's you should start with a low-dose percentage and slowly apply more until the therapeutic effect is reached, this way you get an idea of what level of percentage you need in order for it to be beneficial to you. As far as we know there are no adverse reactions to CBD applied topically, everyone is different though and some people might be allergic to either CBD additives or ingredients in the actual cream or oil. If you were known to have sensitive skin it is a good idea to start with a small patch of skin to see if you react negatively to it before applying to a larger area.

Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body. Did you know the things that you apply to your skin actually end up inside your body? By rubbing CBD topical ointment onto your skin, you are actually able to ingest and benefit from the active compounds. CBD ointments are used most commonly for arthritis, sore joints, muscle pain or fatigue and inflammation. One of the best benefits to using a topical cream as opposed to smoking the CBD is that you have control over the exact location that the CBD gets applied to, when smoking the overall effect is kind of defused over the whole body but by rubbing it on the area you are able to pinpoint the location and deliver any benefits specifically to the affected area.

So, what kind of topicals are available on the market? Did you know that you can get not only a straight CBD lotion as well as a straight THC infused lotion but you can get them both combined into a hybrid THC and CBD ointment? When CBD is combined with THC something called the entourage affect takes place, this is when the use of more than one cannabinoid is combined together, some people find that this combination creates a stronger more affective effect. One thing you have to be careful of though is that THC even though you were applying it to the skin can still get you high, meaning you can become inebriated and be unable to operate machinery. CBD just on its own though has no psychoactive effects and is safe to use throughout the day without fear of becoming high on accident.

Depending on what state you are located in the legal status of CBD products can be a little hazy, what this means is that CBD production may not be entirely regulated across all brands and companies so it is important to do your research and find companies that are upfront and honest about how they source their CBD and their testing methods in relation to how much CBD is actually ending up in their products. There have been issues in the past with certain products being tested and being found to have far less active CBD in them than what was advertised. Like any industry it really is buyer beware and you want to give yourself the most information before spending your hard-earned dollars on a product especially if you are hoping that it will give you relief of some sort.

Overall, the topical application of CBD to the body is a great way to go about getting relief for a multitude of ailments including sore joints, muscle pain and inflammation. Remember to always read the label of any product that you were going to use on your person to make sure you are actually getting what it is you were paying for and that no unexpected compounds are ending up in your system. With all marijuana-based products it is a good idea to start with a low-dose and gradually increase the percentage of course with CBD there is less of a risk of dealing with paranoia or affects more typically found in THC but it is just a good habit to get into. If you are looking to treat a medical issue, it is also a very good idea to consult your family physician so that they can track and make sure there are no contraindications with other medications you might currently be taking.What are CBD topicals and how do they work?

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