Traversa (San Fernando Valley OG)

sativa dominant hybrid

Traversa (San Fernando Valley OG)

sativa dominant hybrid

Medical Uses: users have reported this strain may help with pain management, stress and anxiety relief, and appetite stimulation.

THC/CBD Content: 15%-18% THC0.04% CBD

Traversa is also known as San Fernando Valley OG or (SFV), a sativa-dominant hybrid whose origins are from the Los Angeles area of Southern California. It is defined by its pungent aromas of lemon and pine.


Appearance & Taste

Traversa does not produce very large flowers but what they lack in size they make up for in upfront aromatics. The buds are a pale green with dark orange, almost brown hairs (pistils). This strain produces pungent flowers with aromas of diesel and skunk, balanced with hints of citrus and pepper.



Traversa may offer a relaxed experience and some patients claim it helps with pain management and stress relief. With THC levels at 16.29.%, it is recommended to start with small doses and gradually build your tolerance.