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Trainwreck OS.KLIK - 1g

Original Stash - Trainwreck OS.KLIK - 1g
Original Stash - Trainwreck OS.KLIK - 1g

Trainwreck OS.KLIK - 1g

Extract by Original Stash



CannMart is happy to introduce a Canada exclusive product by Original Stash, the OS.KLIK. This device is a distillate dispenser used for dabbing and other concentrates, containing a distillate with 70-80% THC and little to no CBD. Each audible “click” from the applicator dispenses 25 mg of the OS.KLIK Trainwreck, a hybrid cannabis distillate featuring terpenes including limonene, humulene and caryophyllene. The distillate can be inhaled or ingested and does not contain any additives, diluents, pesticides or heavy metals – just distillate and terpenes. Each OS.KLIK applicator will dispense approximately 40 KLIKs.

How to use an OS.KLIK pen (dab rig or concentrate friendly vaporizer required):
1. Grab your favourite dab rig or concentrate friendly vaporizer
2. Hold the OS.KLIK pen over the vaporizer coil or dab rig banger
3. Twist the end of the OS.KLICK to dispense 25 mg
4. Enjoy!

Original Stash creates honey-coloured concentrates for their OS.KLIK pens by using the CO2 extraction method. Their brand is known for uncomplicated products that are easy to use, and high in demand. By using a blend of growing methodologies and technology applications, Original Stash is designing products purely for the joy of consuming.

Original Stash is a subsidiary brand to HEXO, an adult-use cannabis brand based in Quebec. They focus on innovative and traditional cannabis products. HEXO is for Canadians who want to consume adult-use cannabis without stigma. HEXO brings together those who share enjoyable and life-affirming experiences.


Original Stash






High Potency




Low Potency

Package Date

Sep., 2020

Taste & Aroma

Terpenes 101








Trainwreck OS.KLIK - 1g

Extract by Original Stash



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