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GRAV Glass Blunt

GRAV Glass Blunt
GRAV Glass Blunt

GRAV Glass Blunt

Hand Pipe



Extendable Glass Blunt

Extend your session with The GRAV Glass Blunt! With this pipe you can take control of your smoke by the variance of extension options. This pipe extends to 4" long and is made on 12mm tubing. Its outer sleeve fits around a slender mouthpiece with a pinched end designed to block ash and plant matter. The two pieces are held together by a segment of custom fitted heat shrink tubing. During use, the mouthpiece is pushed further into the outer sleeve to gradually ash the blunt and expose fresh plant matter. No accessories or water are necessary for using this Glass Blunt by GRAV.

Hand Pipe Features:

Made with high quality, heat resistant glass. The silicone sleeve comes in 6 assorted colours. 

  • Length Height: 4" 
  • Use With: Dry Herb
  • Made on 12mm Tubing
  • Designed By: Dave Daily 
  • Sleeve colours chosen at random

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - 4" Glass Blunt Hand Pipe by GRAV

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Great for beginners as it's small and easy to use but this Glass Blunt is loved by veteran smokers. It offers a larger dose capability over other micro-dose inhalers giving users a bigger hit and satisfying even the pickiest consumer. When starting your journey into the natural side of wellness, it is always recommended to go low and slow. With a glass blunt like this one by GRAV; they are essentially micro-dose inhalers. This type of pipe gives you complete control, making it much easier to enjoy your herbs at your own pace. Give it a go and see for yourself! 

If you're curious about the Glass Blunt by GRAV or have any questions in general, contact our team of experts at CannMart. We are happy to help assist your shopping experience and answer any further questions you have. You can reach out through email, chat or phone.

GRAV Glass Blunt

Hand Pipe



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