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4 Piece Rose Gold Grinder

OHAI - 4 Piece Rose Gold Grinder - Default Title
OHAI - 4 Piece Rose Gold Grinder - Default Title

4 Piece Rose Gold Grinder

Grinder by OHAI



4-Piece Rose Gold Grinder

When function meets design you get beautiful products like this OHAI 4-Piece Grinder.  Mill, store, and enjoy your most precious herbs with 4 tiers of possibility. This grinder has an ergonomic design, that allows you to grip and grind with ease. Grab your goods and get going with this slick 4-Piece Grinder by OHAI. Each grinder includes a velvet gift bag for storage.


Made of anodized aluminum, it feels heavy in the hand with dimples for a confident and smooth turn. 

  • Unique Design
  • Ergonomic Grip 
  • Made with Anodized Aluminum
  • Scraper Included
  • Rose Gold Colour
  • Bonus Velvet Storage Bag

How to Use:

Simply load your goods into the top compartment, give it a few twists and turns, the material will fall through into the second compartment providing the perfect fluffy herbs. Use the bottom compartment as a kief collector or storage for unused material.

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OHAI was founded in 2018 in Vancouver, BC and built by an all-women freelance team. OHAI is a cannabis lifestyle brand featuring a curated collection of Elevated Essentials that are cannabis tools and goods for the style conscious and aesthetically aware. These collections are created with an artful intention and purpose for you and me, the modern day renaissance spirit. Add some class to your next session with this lovely 4-Piece Rose Gold Grinder by OHAI. 

If you'd like more information about this grinder or the Elevated Essentials collection; give us a call or contact us through chat or email. We're always here to help guide your experience, offer product pairing suggestions and answer any further questions.

4 Piece Rose Gold Grinder

Grinder by OHAI



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