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Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints - 4 x 0.5g

Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints
Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints
Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints
Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints

Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints - 4 x 0.5g





Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints by Mediwanna is a unique indica-dominant cultivar that tends to produce aromatic high-THC flowers dominated by citrussy flavours of tropical fruits and sweet earth. Originally bred in the 1990s by the White Label Seed Company for its resistance to mould, pests and mildew, it has proven to grow successfully in cool-climate regions including the Netherlands and Canada. Currently produced by Mediwanna, a licensed producer based in Ontario, its parents are Afghani (a legendary indica landrace strain) and Skunk (an equally well-known sativa). Considering its high THC content, it is recommended to start with one dose before consuming more. Limited Supply!!

Hollands Hope produces dense, pinecone-shaped, forest-green buds mingled with attractive dashes of blue and purple (leaves), mixed with long strands of brick-orange hairs (pistils). The buds are covered with a thick layer of sticky, long-stemmed white trichomes, sometimes an indicator of its likely potency.

Revered for its upfront aromas and flavours, Hollands Hope is dominated by three common terpenes: myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. Myrcene, which appears here in the highest concentration, has been thought to deliver sedative effects, along with flavours of dried mango and deep floral musk. Pinene is thought to provide an uplifting effect as it does throughout nature, adding notes of fresh pine and citrus. Caryophyllene, which has been observed to moderate the effects of THC, provides tastes and smells that may evoke memories of crushed black pepper and cinnamon








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Hollands Hope Pre-Rolled Joints - 4 x 0.5g





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