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Gelato Dried Flower - 3.5g

Apothecary Botanicals - Gelato Dried Flower - 3.5g
Apothecary Botanicals - Gelato Dried Flower - 3.5g

Gelato Dried Flower - 3.5g

Dried Flower by Apothecary Botanicals



Gelato (also known as “Larry Bird”) by Apothecary Botanicals is a 23% THC hybrid with a high terpene percentage (2.6%) with dominating terpenes of caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and farnesene. Gelato is also known for being genetically connected to similar terpenes found in hops. Gelato is a popular cultivar based on Californian genetics and its heritage reigns from the classic Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. All Apothecary Botanicals dried flowers are a small batch grown in British Columbia, drip watered, rack dried and Boveda pack controlled. 

Gelato is known for its sweet, apple pie like aroma with underlying notes of earthiness and wood. From the farnesene, limonene and myrcene you will notice sweet and citrus aromas, and the caryophyllene will mark a cinnamon or nutmeg like spiciness. Gelato is a well-known favourite because of its dessert-like odour and high potency.

Apothecary Botanicals is an LP from British Columbia that specializes in small batch craft style cannabis. Founded in 2014, Apothecary Botanicals creates a variety of products including flower, infused oils, topicals and concentrates. This brand pays a high amount of attention to their entire process to improve your experience, whether this be finished packaging or selecting phenotypes. The small batch production method is a technique used to optimize unique product selection within each lot. All cannabis products by Apothecary Botanicals are hand selected by their expert team of connoisseurs and growers. For this brand, the methodology of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is key. Make sure to search through the rest of the products available for some of the lowest prices in Canada. If you have any questions make sure to contact our expert customer service team.


Apothecary Botanicals





22%-24%; 220-240mg/g

High Potency



0%-1%; 0-10 mg/g

Low Potency

Package Date

Feb., 2021

Taste & Aroma

Terpenes 101








Gelato Dried Flower - 3.5g

Dried Flower by Apothecary Botanicals



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