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Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED)

CannMart - Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED) - Default Title
CannMart - Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED) - Default Title
CannMart - Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED) - Default Title

Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED)

Appliance by CannMart



CannMart is happy to introduce the DNA Genetic Testing Kit, a product that was made to help medical patients do a deep dive into their biological needs for cannabinoids and terpenes based on your endocannabinoid system. It is a patient-friendly process as you simply swab, send in, and receive your results online with product recommendations for your specific needs!

Take the guesswork out of finding the right CBD or cannabinoid product for you.

  • Learn the most ideal cannabinoid ratios for you.
  • Uncover how you should take cannabinoids.
  • Discover the ideal dose for your body.
  • Know which terpenes provide the greatest benefit and which to avoid.
  • Find out any drug-to-drug interactions that could affect you.
  • Create your own wellness journey with personalized information.

    Discover your own unique and personal response to cannabinoids, different terpenes and potential side effects. An in-depth scientific report shows how your unique genetic makeup may best respond to cannabis strains and formulations.

    Your purchase includes the Emprise·DNA collection kit, Endo·Decoded report, Endo·Aligned CBD:THC ratio and terpene profile formulation suggestions, Endo·Aligned product matching in your state, suggested dosage guidelines, and methods of administration.

    DNA Collection Kit and Endo·Decoded Report includes:

    • DNA Swab Test Collection Tools
    • Step-by-step collection instructions
    • Pre-paid return mailer
    • U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory DNA endo·compatibility analysis
    • Full Endo·Decoded report
    • Secure and personalized account on
    • Online portal access
    • Wellness plans
    • Endo·Aligned cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile suggestions
    • Endo·Aligned product matching
    • Potential drug interactions
    • Administration suggestions
    • Automatic, lifetime updates as research becomes available

    The Emprise team has extensive experience in the formulation and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, is focused on the development of innovative products and is dedicated to enriching the lives of its customers. Many Emprise products are created using nano-emulsion tech which creates fast-acting edibles and oils. Due to the nano-emulsion tech, consumers may experience an early on and offset with Emprise products.

    Their team is currently applying that experience to the production of cannabis-infused products including soft-gels and vape cartridges, as well as their proprietary water-soluble nano-emulsion oils and sprays. Emprise is making large strides in research and development as they pioneer new processes for cannabis products. 

    DISCLAIMER:  The DNA Generic Testing Kit is an educational tool from iNaturally Organic Inc. designed to help personalize your cannabis journey. Any recommendations therein will relate only to Emprise products. This kit is not a substitute for medical treatment and results and proposed actions should be confirmed by your healthcare provider before taking any proposed action.

    Emprise DNA Genetic Testing Kit (ARCHIVED)

    Appliance by CannMart



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