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Mini Elite Series eNail Kit

Pulsar - Mini Elite Series eNail Kit - Default Title
Pulsar - Mini Elite Series eNail Kit - Default Title
Pulsar - Mini Elite Series eNail Kit - Default Title

Mini Elite Series eNail Kit

Water Pipe by Pulsar



Mini eNail Kit

Take your electric session on the go with this Mini eNail Kit by Pulsar. A part of the Elite Series, this eNail provides simple operation for ease of use. You can adjust your desired vaporizing temperature to an exact heat and it comes with a compatible 6-in-1 (10/14/19mm) titanium nail. 

eNail Features:

This portable powerhouse kit features a digital control box with a removable locking 5ft power cord; a temperature range from 0-1200° F; a 20mm compatible heating coil with 4ft cord; and a grade 2 titanium carb cap with dabber handle.

  • Use: Concentrates
  • 150w portable enail (0-1200 degrees F)
  • 20mm heating coil
  • Universal 6-in-1 10/14/19mm Ti nail (included)
  • Digital display and push button operation
  • Removable, locking 5 ft power cord

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Elite Series Mini eNail Kit by Pulsar 
  • 1x - 5ft. removable power cord
  • 1x - 4ft. heating coil cord
  • 1x - Grade 2 titanium nail (10/14/19mm)
  • 1x - Titanium carb cap
  • 1x - Instruction card

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Traditionally dabbing is done using a torch. Using the torch to heat the nail up to then apply concentrate. While dabbing with a torch is effective, it's not always the most efficient way of consuming your materials. Materials can be very costly so getting the most smoke from them is important. Using an eNail can be helpful for accurate temperature control, reducing waste and saving money!

If you'd like to learn more about this Elite Seires Mini eNail by Pulsar, or concentrate vaporizing in general, reach out to our team of experts at CannMart. We can assist you with anything you need via email, chat or phone.

Pulsar has always been at the forefront of the vaping industry. Their first product was a handheld portable dry herb vaporizer called the Pulsar 7. Since those early days, they’ve designed and developed many quality products for the modern day smoker.

Mini Elite Series eNail Kit

Water Pipe by Pulsar



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