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Torrch Vaporizer

Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title
Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title
Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title
Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title
Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title
Torrch - Torrch Vaporizer - Default Title

Torrch Vaporizer

Vaporizer by Torrch



Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

The Torrch is a portable sleek concentrates vapoizer that gives users unparalleled clean clouds for the ultimate ‘Dabbing’ experience at the push of a button. Your senses will thank you once you dab with the most advanced portable rig on the market. 

Torrch Features:

Designed for low-temperature vaporization, the True-Taste Ceramic Core heats up slowly for the first 6-seconds which elicits the full-flavour of your concentrates. After 6-seconds, the Core temperature rises to delivers large, smooth vapor quickly to the user. The Torrch delivers an ultra smooth draw that is satisfying each and every time.

  • Size: 4.9" Tall
  • Use With: Concentrates
  • Delivers Maximum Full-Flavor Vapor Quickly
  • Maintains Optimized Heat Control For Excellent Performance
  • Handles All Concentrate Volumes With Ease
  • Easily Detachable And Cleanable
  • 6-Second Slow Burn Technology
  • Zero Leakage And Splash Back
  • 1500-2000 Mah Lithium-Ion High-Output Battery
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

How it Works:

  1. Click the button 5 consecutive time to turn it on, wait for the LED to blink 3 time to indicate that it's ready.
  2. Press and hold the button while drawing/inhaling. The power is cut off automatically if the button is held for longer than 20 seconds.
  3. To turn the Torrch off, click the button 5 consecutive time.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Top Cap
  • 1x - SS Tube
  • 2x - Ceramic Bowls
  • 1x - Base
  • 1x - High Output 1500 mAh Battery
  • 1x - USB Charger
  • 1x - Torrch User Guide
  • 1x - Dab Tool 

The Torrch is built with only the highest quality materials giving you the maximum terpene profile each and every time. 


Offering a rich full flavor with a discreet footprint and a clean efficient burn, Torrch’s all-ceramic chamber delivers an unparalleled concentrates experience for connoisseurs and first-time users alike. Made exclusively for concentrates, the Torrch vaporizer is designed to give users the absolute best dab experience on the market with no sticky mess. Find out why the Torrch is heating up the smoking world and try it today!

If you have any further questions about The Torrch, or vaporizing in general; reach out to our team at CannMart. We are here to assist you every step of the way through email, chat or phone.

Torrch Vaporizer

Vaporizer by Torrch



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