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Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g

Foray - Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g
Foray - Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g
Foray - Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g

Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g

Cartridge by Foray



Foray Blackberry Cream Indica Disposable vapes contain 80-85% THC. The terpene profile is influenced by the Blackberry Cream strain with the dominant terpene being caryophyllene. All Foray disposable cartridges are made using only high quality cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes, with a diverse range of portable vapes offering a discreet, accessible entry point to your personalized cannabis consumption. CannMart has a variety of new cartridges, for more options browse through our collection pages for cartridges at an all time low price.

Foray looks to both support and educate one’s foray into cannabis. Based out of Charlottetown, PE Foray has become a well known facilitator of consumers desired experiences. They have become a household name for providing Canadians with the educational resources and network of support they need to gain familiarity with a diverse range of easy-to-use cannabis products. Foray specializes in candies, chocolates and vaporizer cartridges.

Foray’s Values:

“We believe that everyone’s cannabis journey is uniquely their own. ​ We believe that cannabis consumption should be a positive experience and strive to facilitate that for those who express interest in the category. ​

We believe that responsible cannabis consumption is built on a foundation of education and autonomous decision making. ​ We believe that adults interested in cannabis deserve access to reliable cannabis products which reflect their preferences.”







80%-85%; 800-850mg/g

High Potency



0%-1%; 0-10 mg/g

Low Potency

Taste & Aroma

Terpenes 101




Indica 0.3g Disposable - 0.3g

Cartridge by Foray



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