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CVault 8L

C Vault - CVault 8L - Default Title
C Vault - CVault 8L - Default Title
C Vault - CVault 8L - Default Title
C Vault - CVault 8L - Default Title

CVault 8L

Storage by C Vault



The Connoisseur's Cannabis Stashbox

Keep your goods fresh and perfectly moist in this commercial sized storage container. Constructed of high quality food grade stainless steel along its airtight latches and container seal that is impenetrable by light. This 8 Litre curing container is a wonder to keep the freshness and humidity in whatever you store in it to keep it aromatic and fresh as the day it was created.

CVault Features:

  • Interior Diameter: 10" | 26 cm
  • Depth / Height: 7" | 18 cm
  • Capacity: 1 lbs | 16 oz
  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensures an excellent airtight seal.
  • Lid top can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and/or re-labeled as Cvault contents change
  • Specifically designed humidity pack holder to hold your Boveda & Humidipak packs
  • Great Latch Design: Engineered to provide an 99% airtight seal, locking in true product freshness
  • Easily Stackable: Easily Stackable for Commercial Use
  • Comes with two 67-gram Boveda two-way humidity packs

How it Works:

You simply put your stuff into the container and then slide your Boveda pack right into the pocket on the bottom.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - 8L Storage Container by CVault
  • 2x - 67-gram Boveda two-way humidity packs

Shop C Vault Products

Storage of dry herbs in stainless steel C Vault containers combined with the use of Boveda humidity packs guarantees an optimal quality product. Why risk losing potency and freshness with inferior storage containers. Get the best of the best with The C Vault Humidity Controlled Storage Container. Throw a bag in there and smell for yourself. 

If you're still curious about Boveda and C Vault products and would like to speak to an expert, reach out to our team at CannMart. We're here to help via email, phone or chat.

CVault 8L

Storage by C Vault



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