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7" Vapor Straw Kit

GRAV - 7" Vapor Straw Kit - Default Title
GRAV - 7" Vapor Straw Kit - Default Title

7" Vapor Straw Kit

Dab Nails & Tools by GRAV



Tapered Concentrate Straw

Suck up potent clouds with instant ease. This Vapor Straw Kit makes taking dabs easy and efficient. Each straw is accompanied by a thick glass dish.  Its tapered tip and pinch restriction are designed for safe vapor consumption, and its marble roll stop keeps the straw secure between uses.


  • Length Height7" 
  • Use WithConcentrates 
  • Comes WithDabbing Dish 
  • Designed BySanders Sissom 

How to Use:

Apply your concentrate to the dish, heat the end of the straw with a lighter (don't use a torch, as the high heat can seal the straw), and put the heated straw tip into your concentrate while inhaling through the other end.

What's a Vapor Straw?

Vapor straws, also known as nectar collectors; are a quick and easy way to ingest concentrates. Straws made of glass deliver the cleanest, smoothest and tastiest profile. This Vapor Straw is made to use at home as it's not the most portable unit, due to its glass build. 

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - 7" Vapor Straw Kit by Grav
  • 1x - Glass Dish 

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GRAV is a dedicated team bringing innovative products made of high-quality borosilicate glass; since 2004. Advocates for the smoking community, culture and causes.  

If you have any questions about this Vapor Straw Kit by GRAV, reach out to our team of experts via email, phone or chat.

7" Vapor Straw Kit

Dab Nails & Tools by GRAV



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