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What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is exactly what it sounds like: oil that has been infused with a form of cannabis. More specifically, the form of cannabis that is infused with oil is referred to as a “tincture.”

These tinctures are a highly compressed form of cannabis created through a multi-step purification process. First raw cannabis trim is compressed into a crude cannabis oil using ethanol or CO2. Then, the crude oil undergoes a “winterization” process, in which unwanted fats and waxes are removed to ensure purity of product. Lastly, this winterized version of the cannabis oil is diluted with a base oil (also known as “carrier oil”) to achieve a desired potency. Most producers use coconut oil, olive oil, or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil as a base for their cannabis oil.

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What are the different types of cannabis oil?

The most common forms of cannabis oil are:

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How to use cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is arguably the easiest method of dosing cannabis. Most cannabis oil containers (sometimes called tinctures) include a dropper with clearly marked millilitre (mL) measurements. Cannabis oil can be easily extracted and dosed from the bottle and then ingested. If the cannabinoid content is 10 mg/mL THC, and you only want a 5 mg dose, fill the dropper to the 0.5 mL mark. To ingest, simply drop under your tongue, or add it to your cooking. When using any new strain or potency for the first time, remember to “start low and go slow.”

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What to ask when looking for cannabis oil?

  • What is the cannabinoid content? Is it THC, CBD, a combination of both, or a full-spectrum?
  • What is the potency of cannabinoids? What is the percent of THC? What is the ratio of THC:CBD
  • What is the carrier oil? Is this an MCT, olive oil, or coconut carrier oil? What is the difference between all three?
  • Is this a full-spectrum or distillate oil? Has this oil gone through a refining process to (islolate specific cannabinoids like THC?) remove all the THC? Or is it a full-spectrum containing a wide variety of cannabinoids?
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Learn More About Cannabis Oils

What is cannabis oil?

All about cannabis oil and how it's created.



What to ask when looking for high-quality cannabis oil

Why looking for the cannabinoid content, potency, carrier oil and whether the oil is full-spectrum or distillate will help you make an educated purchase.

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