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Why choose medical cannabis?

 Why stay medical


The clue is in the word - medical. Medical cannabis is just that - medical. Recreational adult use has different purposes. Even though access to cannabis will be easier than it ever was before in Canada - it is even more important to register as a medical cannabis patient.

Why? You get assessed by professionals and your medical cannabis is Health Canada approved. This means it is tailor-made for your particular ailment and held to the highest standard for safety and quality.

The importance of staying medical

Every LP is subject to strict testing protocols by Health Canada. It’s medicine under the law.

If you had a serious condition you wouldn't self diagnose. Well, I should hope not. You wouldn't self medicate either. You are not a professional. Would you go to a second rate car dealer or get your child seen to by a doctor who is not qualified? No and no.

When you acquire cannabis on the street or anywhere other than a licensed producer, there are no regulations in place.

We hold all our cannabis to a high standard. Our healthcare physicians and nurses have specific training in medical marijuana and have only your healthcare in mind.

Consistency and peace of mind

One of the biggest benefits of buying medical cannabis from a licensed producer is that LP’s are subject to the strictest testing protocols by Health Canada for every product that they grow or manufacture.

This means you know what is going into your body. They can back up and verify the percentages of THC and CBD on the product labels. This gives consumers a great piece of mind. The product is tested for consistency.

These protocols and regulations mean you are protected from any substance which shouldn’t be in your medical cannabis, such as harmful pesticides and toxic fertilizers.


You can also hold your LP accountable. They are under the intense microscopic scrutiny of Health Canada. If it doesn’t have what it says on the package the LP’s can lose their license. You have recourse here too and can call up if the order is wrong or it is not sealed correctly and returns. Most producers have a return policy.

Listen to your doctor

Our team of physicians are in a unique position to provide advice based on your particular health and unique needs. It’s so important to stay the course with your doctor to ensure you get the benefits of your bespoke treatment.

They are experts in strain knowledge and have insight into your wellness needs. Medical cannabis can also be covered under some medical insurance plans so why not take advantage?

Through CannMart you can be in the medical cannabis stream, and order your product, armed with knowledge and without hassle. All you have to do is register.