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Why choose medical cannabis?

 Why stay medical


When people purchase medical cannabis from, they are doing so with purpose and intention. Different than recreational users, medical cannabis users are often using cannabis to alleviate various health or medical symptoms.

The importance of staying medical


Every LP is subject to strict testing protocols by Health Canada, which means that cannabis products are safe and lab-tested to be free of pesticides and other contaminants.


This means you know what is going into your body. The licensed producers can back up and verify the percentages of THC and CBD on the product labels. This gives consumers peace of mind because the products are tested for consistency.

Medical cannabis is the superior option


You may not know this, but medical cannabis...

... is supported by Patient Care Coordinators and our team of customer care specialists who can help provide advice on dosage and products

... can be purchased from anywhere in Canada, by adults over the age of 19

... can be claimed on your tax return

... prices are often lower than recreational retail outlets

... selections are different than what's available in the recreational market, often in small batches from craft suppliers

... is available at special prices for Canadian veterans and low-income patients

... is lab-tested to be free from pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants

... patients have workplace protections

... may be covered by your health insurance plans

... can be carried on an airplane within Canada

... can be delivered discreetly to your door, with same-day options available in the Greater Toronto Area via Pineapple Express Delivery

To get started, simply get approved medical documents through NamasteMD or your healthcare practitioner, register on and you're set to order safe, legal medical cannabis. 

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