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Now more than ever, people are searching for medical marijuana online, but why would that be? Perhaps, the easiest way to answer that question is by giving it a little bit of context. Passed in mid-2018, and effective since October 17th, Bill C-45, or what has become commonly known as The Cannabis Act, has marked a radical shift in Canada’s culture.

In effect, this landmark piece of legislation has brought about the nationwide legalization of cannabis and followed a decades-long battle for activists and legislators to have the substance legalized and decriminalized, removing a social stigma that has hounded cannabis for years. In fact, you could go so far as to say it’s been a century in the making, as cannabis was first criminalized in Canada during the 1923 prohibition.

But it’s 2018, and things are different. New laws are in place which gives Canadians more access than ever before to this versatile plant. And with new laws come fantastic new services like Cannmart, we want to provide patients with a truly unique experience. In co-ordination with healthcare professionals, Cannmart can give consumers a sublime range of affordable products. With a commitment to fair pricing and discreet delivery, we are Canada’s first choice for medical marijuana.

Why Are People Googling MMJ Canada Hamilton

“MMJ” or more commonly ‘medical marijuana’ is becoming of vital concern to people in the wake of Bill C-45. Fortunately getting the appropriate medical marijuana in Canada has only gotten easier in recent times. Too often those who are not living in the clustered hubs of activity can feel like they’re missing out, who hasn’t been told once too often by some smug Torontonian that theirs is the best city in Ontario? It hasn’t escaped our notice the number of people searching for ‘mmj Canada Hamilton’ though and we want to set your minds at ease that for the people in Hamilton there are many options.

Unbelievable Convenience

It’d be easy to think that cities like Toronto are the only place where you can get quality cannabis and while that may have been true in the past, the times they are a-changin'. The internet has opened many more avenues that would have been possible just ten years ago. Licensed distributors (dispensaries) are springing up all around Hamilton so, it’s no longer necessary to rely on a dispensary that’s an hour drive away. Save your efforts of Googling ‘mmj Canada Hamilton’ and let Cannmart solve all your medical marijuana needs.

Why Choose Cannmart?

Cannmart is very professional when it comes to medical marijuana in Canada. Staffed by experienced, knowledgeable professionals it’s never been easier to get access to the medicine you need. Becoming a patient of ours has never been simpler, we’ve detailed the process a little further down. Aside from that, it’s got a discreet delivery system with plain packaging and free shipping for all orders over $100. All our prices are made as fair as possible to give you, the customer, the most bang for your buck.

Seamless Registration

The first step is simple, just talk to your own healthcare professional and find out if medical marijuana is the right step for you. Alternatively, you can register for a free online consultation with Namaste MD. Of course, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably right. After that, you should register with Cannmart using the registration form online. Once this is done give us a little bit of time to process your form and your approved medical documents. Usually, this takes around two days to fully process, it’s important to be thorough after all. When everything is ready to go we’ll send out a confirmation email and then you’ll be ready to place an order from Cannamart. Easy.

Cannmart, Health Canada, and Namaste

Cannmart is staffed entirely by a knowledgeable and dedicated team who want to make their customer’s journey be as smooth as possible. This is made all the more possible by their association with Namaste Technologies, one of the largest providers of herbal vaporizers in Canada. Namaste have set themselves apart as experts in the field of vapes and all that goes along with it. In 2018, NamasteVapes Canada was the #1 online store for vaporizers and is one of the biggest global cannabis marketplaces with over 1.5 million customers. With a pedigree like that behind them, the sky's the limit for where Cannmart can go next.

What is worthy of note for consumers is that Cannmart was the first company to receive an ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) sales-only license from Health Canada. This allows Cannmart to operate as a marketplace for medical marijuana.

Crafty Cannabis

More and more customers want to know exactly where they’re getting their products from, getting locally sourced items are is on everyone’s priority list. That’s why Cannmart announced last November that it would be launching a range of Craft Cannabis selection on its websites. What this means, is that instead of running a search on ‘mmj toronto or ‘mmj Canada hamilton’ you can use the Cannmart site to get premium cannabis cultivated by small-batch producers with a real passion for their plants. These Micro Cultivators will be able to grow 600kg of their own strains using Cannmart’s state of the art assistance. Not too bad at all. Patients will have access to an unprecedented amount of strains that can help them deal with all sorts of issues and complaints.

Anyone can apply for a free medical marijuana consultation through the Namaste MD app.