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DON'T HAVE A PRESCRIPTION YET? Apply for medical documents with NamasteMD. GET STARTED

Don't have a prescription yet? Apply for a medical script with Namaste MD. Its quick and free. GET STARTED


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Having a hard time accessing medical cannabis?


The passing of the Cannabis Act paved the way for cannabis legalization in Canada in October 2018. It was indeed a definitive moment of celebration for both recreational and medical users alike.


However the Act also called for the implementation of a completely new system which regulates the production, distribution and sale of cannabis. Because of this, a number of Canadians have found that their usual go-to dispensaries have closed down due to new federal and provincial laws, even stores that were formerly municipally-regulated. Across most of the country, physical stores have been slow to open, and those are have been plagued with stock shortages, limited selection and higher-than-expected prices.


All of this can be exceptionally frustrating to medical cannabis users who rely on ease of access to combat a variety of health issues.


Medical cannabis is available online


In Canada, the only way to purchase lab-tested medical cannabis from licensed producers is to shop online. One major advantage is that this can be done from the comfort of one’s own home (a particular advantage to those facing harsh northern winters).


The first step is to access medical documents to purchase prescribed cannabis. This can be done through one’s own doctor, should they be willing to offer a recommendation to purchase. Another fast and easy way to receive medical documents is through, our integrated telemedicine portal that provides secure online access to a nurse practitioner who can provide access to the documents you need to make your first purchase.


Fast and easy delivery


The NamasteMD team can forward your documents directly to our CannMart team, where our selection of cannabis products is growing regularly. CannMart has also partnered with delivery services like, who can offer same-day services in the Greater Toronto Area. Otherwise, CannMart offers next day delivery through Purolator, or service within one to three days via Canada Post XpressPost.


What to purchase for those new to cannabis


Many new users of medical cannabis are not sure what to purchase their first time on


CannMart offers free shipping on all orders over $100 and and on the first order placed by new customers, making stocking up an easy decision.


Any questions? We’re here to help. Drop us a line any time at